Letter: Stop signs need police attention too

Staking out a variety of stop signs could be lucrative

While it is good news that the police have nabbed a couple of extreme speeders on Foul Bay, I would like to suggest that they could very quickly fill their ticket books simply by staking out a variety of stop signs.

I estimate that at the very least 80 per cent of drivers fail to come to a full stop, with many simply breaking slightly before proceeding into the intersection.

Some don’t even bother slowing down. On several occasions I have been cut off by driver who obviously assumed that I wasn’t coming fast enough to make it worthwhile stopping.

It is my understanding that the penalties for this activity can be rather severe (fine plus points), so why not combine the effort to make our streets safer, with a healthy contribution to municipal coffers? Just saying…

Alec Allison

Oak Bay


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