Letter: Stop pointing the finger at industry

Do your part and let us work together to solve climate change

Stop pointing the finger at industry

Did you know that young trees are a better carbon sink than mature old growth trees?

An interesting read is found via a google search “Forestry in BC, setting the record straight” [Report by indstry lobby Resource Works]. It negates many of the claims made by protesters. Many of these same protestors fly all over the world professing their claims. How good for the environment is that? They have become an industry that is very lucrative and spreads much false information.

Stop logging and: import lumber and furniture from countries with less stringent environmental practices; harm mills; harm local business; harm economy; harm your children’s future.

Stop pipelines and: import oil and gas from countries with less stringent environmental regulations; freeze in the winter; sky high gas prices or no gas; harm economy; have more oil spills with trucks hauling petroleum on our roads and over bridges; have another Lac-Mégantic rail disaster; harm your children’s future.

Yes we need to protect Mother Earth but as far as I am concerned we need to do the lesser evil until such time as we have better solutions.

Let us make companies and governments: use environmental packaging; manufacture products that last and can be repaired not put in landfills; refit existing automobiles with less harmful fuel and make them easier to repair; encourage young startups with ideas and solutions to offset carbon through investments and grants; reward people who drive small fuel efficient vehicles through lower insurance or grants.

Let us make changes: work close to home or live close to work so you can walk; if unable to walk to work carpool or bike; grow a garden; buy local; hang your laundry up to dry, one of the biggest uses of energy in homes besides cooking; use your clothes, do not wear them once or twice and discard them; buy second hand clothes; vacation locally; Zoom meetings rather than travel; make lists and go shopping only once or twice a month; have block parties get to know your neighbours and socialize close to home; turn your thermostats down in the winter and dress warmer; if you heat with wood, cook on top of your stove and heat your water on it; turn your air conditioning to a higher temperature or off in the summer; make and use a solar cooker in the summer; use a solar water heater; stop having large families; live in smaller homes or share large ones with others; stop continuously remodelling your home; reduce, reuse, repurpose, repair, recycle.

If you are unwilling to do most of the above, at the very least stop pointing your fingers at others like forestry, oil companies and pipelines. Canada has stringent environmental regulations. We are a resource based economy and need to fund our education, medicine and infrastructure somehow. Do your part and let us work together to solve climate change.

If you agree with what I have to say, please speak up and voice your comments too. Otherwise I fear for our future as Canadians.

M. Gravelle


Cowichan Valley Citizen