Letter: SPCA auxiliary donates all its proceeds

New SPCA Thrift Store has partial for-profit aspect, says SPCA Auxiliary.

To the editor:

I am one of many volunteers who work at the monthly Saturday lunch and sale at First United Church on Bernard. We are the SPCA Auxiliary.

Plus, we have at least two yard sales at the SPCA shelter every year and a book and jewelry sale once a  year.

All the profits from these events are given to the SPCA for various uses—to sponsor a cat room, ventilation for the cat room, weigh scales for animals, to pay vet bills.

And we gave thousands of dollars toward having an area in front of our SPCA yard shed blacktopped so it was safer to walk on for such events as yard sales.

My concern now is that there is a thrift store with the SPCA Thrift Store sign on it where people might choose to take their donated items, a store in which the owner says only a portion of the proceeds will go to the SPCA.

I would like the public to be aware of this as our auxiliary has been able to donate thousands of dollars each year to our SPCA because of the donation of items to our fundraising events.

C. Agnes Kloster,



Kelowna Capital News

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