LETTER: Society enables people to remain in poor situtations

Thefts from an automobile must be recovered via house insurance

Anyone who has had a crime committed against them knows what it’s like when I say I feel violated, let me explain why. I live in downtown Abbotsford and during the night on June 7, someone entered our property, broke into my car, rifled through the glove compartment and front of the car, presumably looking for loose cash, took a can of pop from the glove compartment, and an empty sunglass case. Then they took my soft briefcase which was full of jewellery-making tools, thread, beads and semi-precious stones, partially made jewellery, reading glasses, an old iPhone 3, and many other items related to jewellery-making valued at well over $500.

This was my hobby, making jewellery for gifts and the odd sale. I have arthritis in my knees, back, and hands, so mobility is difficult. But the joy I got from creating different pieces of jewellery was the one pleasure I have. The briefcase was emptied and tossed into the neighbour’s yard and when I reported the theft to the police, I was given a police report number for insurance purposes and told that the matter would not be investigated due to shortage of manpower. On a limited income I do not have insurance or funds to replace what was stolen. I’m not on social assistance and do not expect charity, I just want to feel safe and have others respect my home and belongings.

We have experienced numerous petty thefts, drug-crazed, and drunk individuals in our neighbourhood. However, I still have volunteered to help these people in the food bank and other fundraising events. To be victimized by the thief and then the system that is supposed to keep law and order is beyond me. It should be also public knowledge that when there are thefts from an automobile that house insurance/rental insurance is required to replace stolen items from the car.

We live a block away from the many homeless persons living on Gladys Street and while I empathize with their circumstances I cannot help but wonder why they choose to place themselves in this type of situation. Please understand that I’m not saying that the theft was done by someone from this area, I have no proof.

Abbotsford is a town with many churches, charity organizations, businesses, government-funded programs, etc. who are there to help. So why do these people choose to be homeless? It’s because society enables them. They may have fallen on bad times, lost everything, have no family, or are mentally unstable, have drug and alcohol habits, and a myriad of other types of problems, but they choose to stay in their pathetic situation because we enable them. Stop dumping your unwanted goods that they may not want and often end up being unable to use. I have seen people drop off mattresses, living room furniture and many other items that cannot be used in a tent. Do these people think they are helping, or are they just not prepared to pay the disposal costs? Charity is not a right, it comes with consequences and responsibility. Thank you to the organization trying to relocate the homeless in a responsible manner.

Des Davies


Abbotsford News