Letter: Sneaky tax grab

Liberals are not telling us of their sneaky back-door tax grab policy, writes Marg Biro.

The B.C. Liberal government has once again increased B.C. taxpayers’ taxes by decreasing the basic personal exemption for the second year in a row.

In the 2011 tax year, the basic personal exemption was $11,088, in 2012 it was increased to $11,354, but it all changed in the 2013 tax year.

In that year, the basic exemption was decreased to $10,276—a reduction of $1,078. In 2014, the basic exemption was again decreased to $9,869—a reduction of $407. So over a two-year period, it was reduced by $1,485.

This has little to no affect on British Columbians who live below the poverty line, but it affects the amount of taxes paid by every other taxpayer as the lower the personal exemption, the more B.C. taxes need to be paid to the B.C. government.

This comes at a times when money to all British Columbians are struggling with the increased MSP premiums, ICBC premiums, utility rates, property taxes, rent increases and especially rising food prices.

In spite of the Liberal government claims that they are not increasing taxes, it is just not true, they are not telling us of their sneaky back-door tax grab policy.

Marg Biro, Grand Forks










Grand Forks Gazette

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