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LETTER: Simple truth is masks help slow spread of virus

Calling for fellow letter writer to stop attacking MLA for COVIDIOT stance

Dear Editor,

[RE: LETTER: Is it time for Mike Farnsworth to retire?, Dec. 27, The News]

I see that perennial right of centre writer, Cherryl Katnich, wonders if Mike Farnsworth should retire for being so undemocratic as to use his freedom of expression to strongly denounce idiots who refuse to wear masks.

Simple answer to Ms. Katnich: No!

If, however, Ms. Katnich would retire from her letter writing – which defends ad nauseum indefensible religious and social conservative agendas – then I wouldn’t object.

Mr. Farnsworth certainly has my support in his forceful rebuke to the anti-mask COVIDIOTS.

Public health is far more important than being polite in the face of such stupidity, and lack of concern for the public by people showing contempt for the pandemic rules that are designed to keep us safe.

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There is no two sides to wearing masks, Ms. Katnich.

There is only science, which says that mask wearing is the simplest way to slow the spread of this virus and sheer arrogant stupidity of people who have had their brains addled by conspiracy theories.

Robert T. Rock, Mission



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