Letter: Response letter on salaries is confusing

Editor: Letter writer Cherryl Katnich (The Times, Aug. 26) suggests I’m confused.

After reading her letter I have to plead guilty, I am confused.

I thought that private enterprise companies, either through raised, borrowed or inherited capital produced goods or services, and didn’t generate capital out of the air.

When they sell their goods or services to consumers who usually pay for it from labour-generated capital they are merely moving capital from consumers to the private enterprise company.

It’s true that taxpayers pay the salaries of public employees but consumers of goods and services are also taxpayers as are the private enterprise companies.

While private enterprise companies may pay less than their fair share of taxes, through off-shore accounts, tax loop holes and government subsidies, they do indeed pay taxes.

In my letter I didn’t suggest that private enterprise companies couldn’t set their own compensation.

As greed is the prime motive, they of course will set their salaries as high as possible.

Lastly, she advises me that if I want a higher wage to go out on my own and get it. This may be where her confusion sets in.

The goal of everyone isn’t greed or who has the most toys at the end.

Maybe it’s just enough to enjoy life.

Fred Girling,


Langley Times