Letter: Residents should have right to refuse meter

It is time for a moratorium on the rampant use of wireless technologies.

Open letter to the CEO of BC Hydro regarding the cutting off of power to a family home in Peachland B.C.

I think it is time for some form of public outrage when a Crown corporation uses these types of tactics to force families to submit to the installation of a wireless transmitter on their home.

Our contract with hydro is to pay for the electricity we use. It should not matter what type of meter measures the usage.

If it is a health concern for the homeowner they should have the right to refuse this technology that many scientists consider to be the public health epidemic of the future.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait decades, as was the case with tobacco concerns, for our government to address this potential problem.

It is time for a moratorium on the rampant use of wireless technologies until Safety Code 6 has been updated and regulations can be put in place to ensure this amazing technology is used in a safe manner.

As is the case with the overuse of antibiotics we need to look at the cumulative affects before proceeding further down this path.


Sherry Ridout,




Kelowna Capital News