Letter: Residents should be consulted on new Duncan Manor

Did you know we have an existing dining room that some need?

Residents should be consulted on new Duncan Manor

Duncan Manor was built in the 1970s. It’s an old building and does need to be replaced. And yes, I agree with some of your writers on that fact. I personally live here at the Manor and I like this location, no conflict there.

I use Centennial Park almost on a daily basis and think that most of us here at the Manor do. Sure, there will be some disruption as the building is going on. What doesn’t these days. It will still be a family park, and I for one, enjoy watching people pass and the families play there.

It’s great to think that we will be able to move into a new building, but to put it bluntly, how the heck [do officials] think seniors/disabled are going to manage six storeys of stairs, according to the newsletter, when they can barely manage our present three storeys, if a fire ever happens. We can’t use the elevators and we have folks who have to use walkers, some who use electric chairs and some who are just plain very slow at walking, even with walkers. This is a slow process for most even with assistance.

Speaking of fires. Did you know we have an existing dining room that some need? Why? Because they are incapable of going to the store, shopping, handling expenses, never mind even cooking. Some would walk away, forgetting that the stove is turned on! Talk about the fire hazard increasing! Present administration says, oh, those that can’t cook can order their food from somewhere else. Really? And this is a low income complex. Imagine that, not seeing the need for a dining room again.

It seems the present administration and board are sketchy about having a dining room. Could it be because of incompetence at balancing the running of the present dining room and building? Perhaps they have a concern about it not making enough profits for them? Or just too much work involved; hmmm, makes one think doesn’t it?

Let me ask the planners of our future home, that’s right, OUR home. Have any seniors/disabled even been interviewed or consulted for input, for suggestions? Is it just assumed because we are old, we can’t have our say in what will probably be our last home? Is it that the planners think that they know more about what we seniors/disabled need and want? We were advised in the same newsletter that we would have a couple of meetings to discuss the new building and concerns. No meetings yet, or any consultations with any of us here. I would think that’s pretty disrespectful for we elderly, don’t you?

Again, I sincerely do want a new building. I think it would be great. Just get some competent people with a real understanding of the needs and desires of the folks who will finish their lives here. Thank you.

Michelle McConnell

Duncan Manor

Cowichan Valley Citizen