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LETTER: Questioning a letter-writer’s facts

From reader Ron Robinson

Re: LETTER: Nelson’s climate actions are meaningless, March 11

Tom Prior made some interesting comments in this letter. In reverse order, the CBT has a mandate to distribute funds throughout the Columbia Basin. Whether those funds are “monitored to ensure the status quo” needs some supporting evidence to make it informed comment.

In terms of forestry practices, Mr. Prior did not indicate if he had contacted Citizens’ Climate Lobby to ask about any engagement with that sector.

Regarding Mr. Logtenberg and Climate Caucus, Mr. Prior again did not indicate whether he had contacted any of the 300 Caucus members to hear first-hand what they are doing. To be considered informed comment there needs to be more than feelings being expressed.

Again, “City Council is manipulated by developers” needs some searchable supporting evidence. In terms of retro-fitting existing buildings or those through the design phase like the one taken over by Nelson CARES, Mr. Prior did not mention his investigation into the logistics of including those alternate technologies, whether there are code requirements or have building efficiencies been improved to off-set heat loss. I would prefer to see supporting evidence as part of informed comment.

Ron Robinson


Nelson Star