Letter: Proportional representation would also benefit Conservatives

Editor: In response to the  letter titled “If you think your vote doesn’t count, you’re right” (The Times, Sept. 9).

The author makes the case for PR (proportional representation) with the most important point being that with PR, “We could finally have every vote count.”

But consider the audience; Langley is a Conservative stronghold. In the 2011 election, over 35,000 conservatives turned up to vote in Langley.

The author suggests that the smaller parties would benefit from PR, allowing unrepresented voters to finally find their voice in the House of Commons. But there is one important party that he left off his list — the Conservative Party of Canada.

If the polls are to believed, and we are headed toward an NDP government with a Liberal opposition, who will speak for the millions of conservatives in this country?

PR isn’t just an issue for smaller parties. PR will allow each and every one of us to forget about voting for party A or party B, just so party C doesn’t get in.

PR will allow us to vote for the people we honestly believe will represent us the best. Proportional Representation is exactly what progressive voters need, but it is also what conservatives need.

If by some fluke Langley wakes up to an NDP majority on Oct. 20, there are going to be 35,000 Langley conservatives wishing PR had been already in place.

Will Breeze,


Langley Times