Letter: Property tax puzzler

Why is it then that my taxes went up $560?

Property tax puzzler

I am trying to figure out why our Electoral Area D of Cowichan Bay apparently had a decrease in revenue needed for 2021 over last year.

The drop, according to the yellow pamphlet that comes with the tax notice, shows a decrease per $100,000 of value of about five per cent. Why is it then that my taxes went up $560 (20-plus per cent) for this year and the neighbours around me had huge increases also. If they were able to operate last year with what I paid and need less this year, where is all this excess money going that is being collected because of our high assessments? Just maybe somebody can give me a reasonable answer to this because it makes no sense to me.

Evan Begbie

Cowichan Bay

Cowichan Valley Citizen