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LETTER: Pride must be restored to nursing profession

Former nurse has concerns about present image of nursing

Dear Editor:

I find the current nursing situation to be very disturbing. Nurses are working long hours, short staffed, exhausted and in stressful conditions.

To add to that they are now confronting harassment from protesters is totally unacceptable behavior when staff and patients are feeling unsafe when entering or leaving hospitals.

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I have concerns regarding the image of nursing presented to young people who are making career choices.

Nursing is a wonderful choice for both women and men. It gives you an understanding of your physical, mental and emotional well being and the anomalies to look for. This not only gives you the ability to help others, but gives you an understanding of yourself and the tools for a healthy living. Nursing gives you the ability to continue learning and advancing in your career.

I am a retired nurse, but worked for almost 40 years in acute care, long term care, teaching and community care.

I took my initial training with the hospital based apprenticeship program. This training was intensive with an emphasis on studies and practice within one facility.

We lived in residence with our fellow students. This gave us the opportunity to be with people who were having similar experiences and to support each other. This concept was very effective financially, socially and practically, as we also helped to staff the the hospital, especially in our senior years of training.

This method of training would be a solution to our current nursing shortage problems as it is affordable, effective and practical.

Offering nurses higher wages will not be an incentive to our shortage. We must restore the pride and respect these noble professionals deserve.

Joyce Husch


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