LETTER: Port Alberni could be ‘hiking mecca’ with some vision

I concur completely with Mr. Dave Baker in his letter…

To the Editor,

Re: Cameron Lake Trestles need a walkway, Letters, June 9

It was with an “ah” that I looked down at the river and out to the lake as we crossed the long trestle. The steam engine, belching and hissing, was nearing the lakefront station. My Grampa would be there to meet me. I was five years old.

Today that trestle over the Maitland River in Goderich, Ontario is a major tourist attraction. It is called the Menesetung Bridge. The history and story of the trestle and its conversion into a walkway—rather than scrap metal—was visionary. That opportunity exists for the Cameron Lake Trestles.

I concur completely with Mr. Dave Baker in his letter. There is so much hiking potential associated with such a walkway. Off trails such as the CPR, Westly Ridge, Horn Mountain, Loon Lake and Alberni Lookout Trails are just some of the potential “off trails” from a developed hiking trail along the rail line.

We are never again going to have rail traffic on the Parksville to Alberni line. But this rail section, with vision, could well become a “hiking mecca” with the “centrepiece” being a safe walkway over the Cameron Lake Trestles.

Lyman Jardin,

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley News