Letter: Parking is a serious problem in Surrey’s Clayton neighbourhood

To the editor; Re: “Bring on bigger fines,” Letters, April 15

To the editor; Re: “Bring on bigger fines,” Letters, April 15

I, too, 100 per cent agree (and I’m sure many others) with Mike Bola and Crystal Litonjua on this topic.

People with unauthorized suites are making it a “free-for-all” for us law-abiding citizens.

Some of us like our homes and neighbours yet simply cringe living here because of the parking issue.

These so called “property managers” (give me a break with the title, as they can’t understand basic city bylaws and get a kick out of dealing with poorly-screened tenants) have caused havoc with parking and living issues.

The city should have “residential only parking” areas or assigned parking for home owners.

I’ve heard of deals where the rent is less if the coach home occupant parks on the public street. Lucky people in the illegal suite below who already are parked on the street, too.

Try getting out of your carport to get to work when some ignorant person is blocking your driveway in a “no parking” alley (the signs clearly state this).

This serious issue needs a fix for the sake of sanity.


S. Sidhu


Cloverdale Reporter