LETTER: Parking area a concern

From reader Denis Bayoff

Re: “The downside of floating,” Letters, Aug. 6

I appreciated Chris Berger’s letter in regard to issues concerning people floating down the Slocan river.

I am seriously concerned about parking made available for floaters. A few years ago a parking area was installed in lower Slocan Park. My concern was the location, as it was near a corner on the highway and the entrance to Storbo Road. I visited the regional district and Ministry of Highways to find out who was responsible for the installation of this lot. I couldn’t get a clear answer.

They sent a representative to inspect the site and their solution was to install a “no left turn” sign heading north up Highway 6 into the parking area. They also put a “no left turn” sign leaving the parking lot. The purpose of the signs was to avoid people crossing the lane when entering or exiting the lot. As I live in the area, I have witnessed many close calls. At least 95 per cent of people ignore the signs.

I wish residents had been consulted before the parking area was installed. This is a well known stretch of road that many people pass just after the curve. This is a serious accident waiting to happen.

Denis Bayoff

Slocan Park

Nelson Star