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LETTER: Outcome of Chilliwack school board byelection will be profound

Silence on SOGI-123, bullying and climate change will only perpetuate board dysfunction

It is encouraging that there are four candidates vying for the one open seat on the Chilliwack School Board. Given the past record of this body, the decision made on election day will have a profound effect on the future of public education in our school district.

Sadly, The Progress did not publish candidates’ opinions on the subjects that have made our school board dysfunctional for the past several years and I can only hope this is forthcoming. The future of our children’s education is dependant on how the new school board member feels about three subjects; SOGI-123, bullying and climate change. It will also depend on what the new member thinks about trustee Barry Neufeld’s anti-LBGTQ [comments]. Silence on any or all of these topics will only perpetuate the dysfunction of the Chilliwack school board that has prevailed for the last several years.

Our school board is under investigation as a result of the board’s behaviour over the past few years. Outgoing trustee Dan Coulter was one of the board members who brought long overdue hope for a brighter future for this district. If the new member can’t take over that role, I fear that things will continue to deteriorate. Unfortunately, our children are the ones who will suffer the most.

Mike Bennett

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