LETTER: Only thing to lose is dogma

Public schools service diverse groups that make up country

I had begun to think that we would make it through the holiday season without someone saying that we need to put Jesus back into the public schools as he`s the reason for the season. And imprison the public school students behind God`s protective wall no less, as demanded by Ms. Isaak.

What is it about religious people that they can`t get it through their collective heads that we are a multicultural country with people of all – or no – religious beliefs? Public schools serve all those diverse groups that now make up our country, so allowing any one religion to have dominance in our public school would be morally and ethnically wrong.

But if Ms. Isaak is permitted to pitch Cahn`s book then surely I, as a skeptic and humanist, should be allowed to bring up some authors of my own that people like Ms. Isaak really need to read.

To that end I recommend Zealot, by Reza Aslan, about the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. Any book by Bart Erhman, such as How Jesus Became God, is a good read and insightful. Godless by Dan Barker, a former evangelist, and The Happy Atheist by P. Z. Myers should also be part of your reading assignment because the only thing you have to lose is your dogmas.

Robert T. Rock



Abbotsford News