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LETTER: Not enough staff at Summerland Health Centre’s lab

Long waits required for those who need blood work or x-rays

Dear Editor:

I live in Summerland and in the past I have been happy with the health care for seniors. Lately, it seems the ways that were working well have been set aside and we elderly are having to deal with poor choices.

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At the health care centre here in Summerland, there were four workers before COVID-19 and there were always people waiting to get blood tests, x-rays and other services. But it was not too difficult – just a wait which no one really minded.

Now this clinic has been downsized to one worker.

So this worker, who is all alone, is swamped with calls and people have had to hire taxis or find someone to drive them to the Penticton Regional Hospital where once again there is one worker and people have had to wait hours and then maybe find out the requisition cannot be found.

If the doctor wants anything in the way of tests and x-rays, there is a long delay even getting a phone appointment.

What is Interior Health doing to the elderly citizens and even other people here in Summerland?

Summerland is a growing community and needs some good care facilities. Please look into this situation and do what you can.

Mary Eileen Scales


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