Letter: No tolerance for Clark’s wasteful bullying

I am so sick of my hard-earned money being wasted on the perks and privileges of your outright bullying government.

Open letter to the Hon. Christy Clark:

I am not OK with a government who breaks the law, and who wastes my money on high profile lawyers appealing for a third time a decision already ruled upon by a supreme court judge.

I am so sick of my hard-earned money being wasted on the perks and privileges of your outright bullying government. I refuse to stand back and allow you to ignore a Supreme Court ruling, and allow you to continue manipulating the busy, scrambling-to-make-ends-meet families with your liberal media spin (another huge waste of tax payer dollars), and allow you to continue bullying the teachers by refusing to negotiate unless they remove the clause that has already been ruled upon by the Supreme Court of Canada.

I am not OK with this kind of bullying. Not from anyone!

And especially not from someone using my money to do so!

If there’s money for you to give your cronies raises, then there’s money for the teachers. If there’s no money for the teachers, revoke the raises you gave your cronies. The teachers deserve raises. None of the people who were given raises do anything to constitute the raises they were given. Spend an hour in any classroom and tell me the work the teachers do does not constitute a raise?

And, of course the teachers should have a say in classroom size and composition. Are you kidding me? My daughter, who is a Grade 7 student, always studious and on task, has talked to me many times about how the special needs kids in her classes get most of the attention. Don’t get me wrong, the special needs kids need and deserve the attention. It’s not that the teachers want to neglect the other students, but that they have inadequate help in class to handle this load. But according to you, the teachers should not have a say in this, at all. Seriously?!

And why is private school funded at all by us, the taxpayers? It should not be. If you’re not happy with the public school system, then pay for private, but do not ask or expect me to pay for any part of it.

Don’t think I believe for a second that the $40/day per eligible child will be paid for by the money you are saving on teachers wages. You are going to accrue a huge debt—blame the teachers—and then what? Do what you do best—bully us. Perhaps into blindly OKing the controversial pipeline to pay for it. Or whatever best fits your greed-driven agenda. Disgraceful tactics.

Insanity the money you allow this government to throw away—our money—namely on high profile lawyers to appeal for a third time what has already been ruled upon twice by the Supreme Court of Canada. And let’s not forget all the ridiculous perks you expect and enjoy on our dollar that the average working class family will never see. That kind of waste of our tax dollars infuriates me! Especially now that you are using “there’s no money” to bully the public into believing your sickly spun rhetoric. I suggest, strongly, you and your government cut your own wages and eliminate your perks to be more in line with the reality that we, the taxpayers, live. If there’s no money to pay our teachers, there should be no money or tolerance for your wastefulness.

What are you going to do to fix this?

Shirley Harshenin,



Kelowna Capital News