Letter: No reason our seniors should be homeless

Editor: I am writing about something that has bothered me for sometime now.

We have recently received 25,000 Syrian refugees all over the country.  That is all very good and well; however, how about our own, right at home?

There are two older fellows in Aldergrove who are obviously homeless.

I see them both almost daily.  One actually sleeps during the day on a cement slab just off the Fraser Highway.

The other one lives in the forest off the highway. Here is the bottom line for me; I don’t care what your story is.  If you have managed to reach senior citizenry, and have been able to survive all that life throws at you, there is no way in this world you deserve to be homeless.

If we can look after 25,000 refugees, we can surely look after our own, right in our backyard.

Jack McEwen,


Langley Times

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