Letter: No legal title to CN Rail line property

Most of us are leasors on the Queen’s land…There is no title. The end.

To the editor:

I have been reading the “wouldn’t it be lovely to have rails to trails” comments with humour.

The amount of money requested might make a start towards hiring lawyers to prove title.  The First Nations never signed treaties in B.C. because the Hudson’s Bay stopped the process. There were 11 very small ones on Vancouver Island and coast but the rest of the province was just taken.

Stolen, swiped, pilfered.

B.C. was created on the promise of rails from coast to coast. Does their removal mean that agreement is void?

Please go and read a little history, people. The railway and Crown do not have documents of title.

The RCMP and judges are representatives of and for the Crown. The ‘Queens Men’ RCMP and Queens benches law courts have primary obligation to the Queen’s subjects.

You can take out your loans, sign your agreements and one “No Trespassing” sign stops everything.

Most of us are leasors on the Queen’s land.

The courts and RCMP have an obligation to protect the Queen’s subjects interests first.

There is no title. The end.

It took around 350 years for India and Pakistan to toss the British rule out, 335 for blacks to evict the Dutch from South Africa. We are about 320 years and counting here in Canada.

The rest of us immigrants are on borrowed time living on borrowed land.

Rails to trails have become an Illegal immigrant and drug delivery corridor elsewhere in the province. People are living in the bush and it’s an endless toilet paper ticker tape parade.

Is your family really going to adopt a kumbaya mile to clean up? Post your address so we can run a branch spur trail through your backyard.

Politics requires research of fiduciary and judiciary issues, not taxing residents for ice cream castles.

Municipalities were created to fund critical infrastructure. To stray from that mandate is illogical and historically unsustainable.

How to get people to understand and get them to crack a history book?

Where are the high school and university profs that could school the population? That would make a great column topic—provided you could find one that is not of the revisionist school of facts.

Eye roll.

Nola Marth, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News