Letter: No clear question in referendum

Letter: No clear question in referendum

Given the choise between one known and three maybes

In response to a letter on Wednesday, Nov. 28 by Daryl Sturdy, Take time to learn difference

Mr. Sturdy misses the point of my letter. I am not attacking proportional representation. My letter laments that there is no clear question presented in this referendum.

It gives a choice of one known (first past the post) or three maybes. The first step in this important process should have been a simple clear choice between the two systems, not presenting nebulous possibilities for one of them. After such a referendum posing that clear choice, a second referendum should then present the various possibilities to British Columbians if the change to voting with proportional representation was chosen.

And yes, Mr. Sturdy, I have read about the pros and cons of PR in order to cast an informed ballot, so your Donald Trump style personal attack is unwarranted.

David Leckschas

Vernon Morning Star

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