Letter: News of Cruise-In move takes reader through five stages of grief

Editor: Move over Vancouver, Langley City is taking over — as no-fun city, that is.

With announcement that Canada’s largest single day Cruise-In leaving the City I was shocked and immediately grieving. Denial at first — this can’t be happening. Say it isn’t so.

Somebody’s gotta fix this.

As I read further, the anger grew (the second stage of grief) when I saw the mayor’s comments: I didn’t know they were leaving. Well, good luck to them.

Really? He’s obviously not a car guy. Then I read the Cruise-In spokesperson comments: The city is unreasonable. We’re moving or shutting it down.

Really? Maybe he’s not a car guy either, were my thoughts.

Then, as it sank in, (I thought) this has been coming for a few years (third stage of grief — bargaining).

Last year, a local car dealer held his own one-day show and drew a large contingent of high-end cars that were missed at the Cruise-In.

And then the impromptu heart of Friday night cruises was sold and fenced off for a car sales lot (fourth stage — depression).

So who is to blame?

Maybe the success of the event itself; it has grown too large for an all-volunteer group.

People retire and move on and car guys are always looking for something new, faster and better.

The City obviously doesn’t want the headache, and can’t or won’t see the big picture.

I’ve always been a glass-half-full guy, now it seems the glass has been emptied and broken as well. It’s time for the fifth stage —to accept and move on. A very sad day.

Lorne Stead,


Langley Times