Letter: Never too late to fight for better transit

John Beeching believes it's time for transit users to fight back and demand more and better service.

Dear Editor,

It is time to publish letters that are for the side of those below the middle class.

“Read details of the TransLink Mayors’ Council statement on $616 million in federal & provincial funding. Notably, all levels of government neglect HandyDART and people with disabilities yet again”: Tim Lewis Facebook

As one HandyDART user who has campaigned for HandyDART improvements since former Premier Campbell first began preparing the ground of TransLink for privatization, the wrongs he began have only worsened since he was premier.

The wrongs he introduced with those, the provincial government and mayors council have worsened TransLink services for all transit users, able bodied and disabled.

A private or co-management corporation as with the ferries gets closer with every day.

Meanwhile transportation, it gets workers to work, shoppers to shop, people to lawyers or doctors and more, so who benefits most from transit? Those who benefit most demand we pay our share but do not pay theirs.

Governments must give them tax breaks and increase the taxes on those below the middle class.

It is time for transit users to fight back and demand more and better service.

Why not organize a Union of Transit users both able and disabled.

It is never too late fight back!

The trade union movement should help us in such a project.

John Beeching, via email

Langley Advance