Letter: My turnips are smarter than that

On climate change: They can indoctrinate the students and TV watchers but not my vegetables

To the editor:

In response to the June 14, 2017 letter entitled “Climate change is here and more to come,” many people have opinions and claim it is all about the science, but never have stated one scientific fact, only emotion.

The letter stated the carbon tax by the B.C. government is right on. It is clear he did not read the Auditor General’s report of March 2013. The report said 70 per cent of the offsets purchased by the BC Government was from two companies, Darkwoods forest carbon project in southeast of BC and Encana in Fort Nelson. The auditor said this claim is not accurate.

Next, is CO2 a major issue? Forget the TV. Look at the scientific facts, the earths atmosphere is 78 per cent nitrogen and 20 per cent oxygen, leavening less than 2 per cent for 14 trace gas’s, one of which is CO2 which makes up .039 per cent. Plus CO2 is a vital gas for all the green growth on planet earth; why we even go out and buy canisters of CO2.

When you listen to the garden shows they explain that due to cold wet weather many plants are not growing, then turn on the news and we are continually told by the global warming preachers it is record breaking warm temperatures. They can indoctrinate the students and TV watchers but not my vegetables, my turnips are smarter than that. As for the green house canopy, we all know green houses warm the air, but what makes up the green house canopy? 95 per cent is from water evaporation.

When convenient they change global warming to climate change. What a scam the climate has been changing since the beginning of time. How do you make that change in terms, but do not change the hypotheses?

Carbon tax is just that a tax, and does nothing to change the earths climate. We need to get off the TV and do some research, or else let yourself to be led by the nose to the enrichment of others.

Patrick Roy, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News