Letter: MLA and MP ineffective

Daily traffic congestion on Canada's national Highway 1 through our Valley is a disgrace

MLA and MP ineffective

Elections are a good time to review the performance and accountability of our politicians. The people of the Cowichan Valley have been poorly served by both our Green MLA and NDP MP. Neither of these parties has even a remote chance of ever forming government in B.C. or Canada or having much effect on government policies.

Both have propped up other parties to keep them in power for no benefit to our community. They have done little or nothing substantial for improving lives or living here. Both have never been effective in opposition and regularly trumpet silly non-achievements.

Both have schemed with radicals and outsiders to support an American-led protest at Fairy Creek against logging in spite of Canada and B.C. being independently recognized as global leaders in sustainable forestry and old growth forest protection. If successful, their support for this well-funded campaign would be the certain elimination of high paying local forestry jobs and many B.C. sawmills.

After years of their lousy leadership Cowichan Valley still has an appalling level of child poverty and below average incomes. All they have done is help themselves to great salaries and a fat pension at our expense.

The daily traffic congestion on Canada’s national Highway 1 through our Valley going south and north is a disgrace as is any semblance of federal infrastructure in this riding. Compared to many other parts of Canada our community is a loser when it comes to specific federal and provincial support.

We even have the foolish and embarrassing actions of our own MP to try stopping ocean-going freighters from temporarily parking in our local waters while they wait to load farm, mineral and forest products that we sell to the world.

We never hear either politician talk about or take any action to improve our economy, our infrastructure, our living standards, business innovation or First Nations employment and wealth creation. Both the new high school and hospital we have been promised were planned long before these two politicians were elected. Time for a big change!

W.E. (Bill) Dumont

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen