Letter: Mix-up meant almost not able to vote

Firstly, I was not on the list

Mix-up meant almost not able to vote

Voting day was a joke. I do not understand how, after so much money spent on this election, that it can be such a clown show.

I showed up and was directed to the area where I was supposed to cast my vote. Firstly, I was not on the list. It appeared that there were no names that started with “A”. Having been living here since 1986 and had voted every time, to all of sudden not being on the list, shows how inept Elections Canada is.

So, the person has to write me in. She started to put in the address but had the house numbers wrong. I corrected her. Then there was a discussion between her and a chap, who I assumed was in overall charge. After looking at my voter card, I was told that I could not vote today. They interpreted that I was supposed to have voted at the advance voting day at another location. I never heard anything so stupid. I made a remark and left.

I was about to get in my vehicle when that same chap came over to me outside and told me that it was OK for me to vote today. As I said, this was a joke. How many others were there that day that were told that they could not vote? I warned my better half of what to expect. She told me that those same people apparently remembered me and that she did not have the same issue.

Hopefully, when Trudeau gets to have another vanity election, I will be back on the list and so will all the others who were left off.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen