LETTER: Mayor brings insult to injury

The four councillors deserve the applause of the vast majority of public

The Record editorial Feb. 21 attempts to restore political conciliation by the mayor and subsequent respect toward other elected councillors, not the least of which, toward the broad public spectrum caught in the mayor’s self-created dilemma of non-confidence by council peers.

Indeed, treating the public as uninformed he brings insult to injury by exacerbating attempts to have him improve his relationship with council and act in a professional and respectful manner. He rudely calls the attempts “the stupidity of entire political issue.”

He again relies upon the Community Charter provision but fails to understand the spirit and intent of bringing matters “back to council table for reconsideration within 30 day.”  Seemingly, his need to remain in denial and presumably now try to persuade or bully others to change their minds, thus seeking the weakest link to sway in their judgment and vote to give him a vindication, to proceed, at will, without encumbrances of four councillors to possibly oppose future unjust motions and keep him honest and respectful.

The four councillors deserve the applause of the vast majority of public for their diligence and courage to put the governance of Mission first, over an overzealous autocratic regime by an inept mayor, too intransigent to be conciliatory himself. Sadly, his unfounded and ill-advised remarks are symptomatic of what his council colleagues, the majority on council, have identified and publicly decried his unbecoming manner and poor judgment.

He says he is prepared to “go through one more week of this (political) game” which is an affront to all, as it is a more serious matter.  As well, municipal business will continue unabated. It is just the mayor will need to be more professional and respectful, thus this should increase effectiveness of all and the Public can rejoice at not incurring more ridicule and shame brought upon Mission by our mayor’s lack of substance and unbusinesslike manner.

It is further symptomatic of a weak but arrogant mayor who tries to smear colleagues, starting with initially blaming Councillor Tilbury,  then takes a swipe at Councillor Luck, he wrongly claims, “Councillors are telling him how to vote” but sadly, such vain attempts are folly and then hypocrisy appears, blaming Councillor Stevens for her atrocious manners, which is a fact, but as I was the delegation about humane treatment of dogs and cats, I ought to state the mayor condoned and excused her, so he does not have the right to use her poor behaviour against her to benefit himself now.

Finally, any sane person can witness the blow to CRMG credibility, so shallow claims of “CRMG political slate is still strong and will have a list of candidates” is naive at best, given it may well be political suicide for any competent candidate to run under a cloud of public mistrust and fears at witnessing a perpetuation of the very unacceptable leadership and failure to resolve current predicaments, so who would gamble their political career under such odds?

George F. Evens


Mission City Record