LETTER: Manufacturer responds to Johnstone Road letter

From Chad Shipmaker of Valid Manufacturing

Re: LETTER: Against rezoning of Johnstone Road property, June 10

I’m writing this in response to the letter from Friends of Johnstone Road to inform your Nelson Star readership about a few inaccuracies in the letter.

Unfortunately, the letter was misleading, particularly when claiming that Valid Manufacturing’s rezoning application would allow for “the property to be used for any of the approximately 30 light industrial M1 uses such as welding shop, service station or truck depot.”

I think it important to state for the record that our rezoning application omits all uses in the M1 zone except light manufacturing including only parts assembly related to electronics.

Their approach is disappointing given that this information is publicly available on the RDCK website and that our Nelson staff directly shared this amended application with the leadership of the Friends of Johnstone Road a week in advance of publication.

We graciously thank the dozens of individuals, neighbours and organizations that have publicly and privately come forward to support our efforts to bring additional clean, high-tech jobs to Nelson. We are already a part of this community and we look forward to positively contributing to Nelson and the broader region for many years to come.

Chad Shipmaker

CEO, Valid Manufacturing

Nelson Star