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LETTER: Make your vote about climate change

Here in the Cariboo we are experiencing the impacts of climate change first hand


We may not have wanted a federal election but we have one. Now is the time to elect an MP whose party will do something substantial about climate change, which is the biggest challenge and security risk of our time.

In June 2019 Canada’s House of Commons declared a climate emergency, but since then we have done little to reduce our GHG emissions. We need to start treating this issue like the emergency that it is.

Here in the Cariboo we are experiencing the impacts of climate change first hand. We have had three severe wildfire seasons in five years and many areas have also experienced floods. This is not normal. Along with the disruption, loss and anxiety caused by wildfires comes the secondary impacts to our health, our health care system, food security and more.

Scientists tell us we must reduce our GHG emissions significantly before 2030 to avoid the worst impacts. The good news is that all the solutions are available. But we need politicians who are willing to make tough choices and who are willing to pass regulatory measures that will ensure success. For example, we need to stop all fossil fuel subsidies, stop further fossil fuel extraction, provide financial and educational support for oil and gas workers, and support renewable energy development and energy efficiency measures.

Our politicians, leaders and Canadians mobilized to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We can do the same for climate change to ensure a livable planet for the future.

So, I urge voters to find the candidate in your riding who is willing to treat climate change like the emergency it is and who is willing to take real action.

Patricia Spencer

108 Mile Ranch, B.C.

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