LETTER: Make pot illegal again

LETTER: Make pot illegal again

From reader Rod Retzlaff

When the campaign to legalize marijuana was underway, I refused to sign the petition, because I was of the opinion that we in the Kootenays were much better off leaving well enough alone.

I was not very popular with the petitioners, and was rebuked for my refusal on several occasions.

Now that pot is legal is seems my fears were well founded. Production has been largely taken out of the hands of the people who developed the industry, and handed over to big money processors, and those who contravene the new law will likely face harsher consequences than they did when it was illegal. In addition, prices have skyrocketed. Now, that I didn’t see coming.

I considered starting up a petition to make marijuana illegal again, but I’m afraid it would have no chance of success now that the big shots have Mary Jane by the neck. Still, I think I could likely get a lot of local support. I guess you really do have to watch what you wish for.

Rod Retzlaff


Nelson Star