Letter: Lansdowne lane change a head-scratcher

Saanich changes at Lansdowne-Foul Bay-Richmond a head-scratcher


Trying to figure out why Saanich has converted the west-bound curb lane on Lansdowne to a right turn only lane between Foul Bay and Richmond.

This makes absolutely no sense considering the amount of vehicle traffic from Camosun and UVic that use the road.

How much west-bound traffic turns north on Richmond from Foul Bay? To make matters even more congested the west-bound traffic light at Richmond has no left turn priority arrow.

Traffic will be lined up in that single lane awaiting vehicles ahead wanting to turn south on Richmond.

We are trying to save the environment from carbon monoxide pollution and this inane idea will only increase it.

If whichever municipality insists on this then may I suggest making that one lane a no left turn south-bound on Richmond.

William Jesse

Oak Bay


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