Vaccinations have been used to fight many killer diseases. (Black Press Media file)

LETTER: Langley resident outlines vaccine history and the wonders of science

Murrayville letter writer says science has saved lives and improved most people's quality of life

Dear Editor,

The smallpox vaccination was invented in 1796.

For cholera, we had to wait until 1885.

For diptheria, 1921.

Tetanus 1924.

Influenza 1926.

Mumps 1942.

Polio 1955.

Measles 1963.

Rubella 1969.

COVID 2020.

Thank you, scientists around the world, for these and many, many more medical miracles.

It is not the majority that is excluding the unvaccinated from enjoying the simplicities of life – but by placing themselves above the wisdom of scientists, the un-vaccinated also place themselves outside of mainstream community living.

But no doubt they will continue to enjoy the benefit of other scientific inventions such as clean water, electricity, plentiful food, mechanized transportation, etc., etc.

Jonathan Wilkins, Murrayville

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