One local letter writer is asking some questions in light of the recent heatwave. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Langley letter writer ponders hot topic

The recent heatwave should help spur people to change their habits, a local woman suggests

Dear Editor,

Regardless if you believe the heat dome recently experienced in B.C. is a result of the greenhouse effect, it was unprecedented and awful.

Emerging science has a tendency to be met with fierce skepticism and denial. The Wright brothers’ “flying machine,” germ theory and electricity come to mind.

Most of us agree that we need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. Transitioning from fossil fuel to renewable energy is priority number one.

We also need to save the lungs of the earth – our forests. One reason rainforests are being destroyed is to produce palm oil which is an ingredient in much of our packaged processed “food.” Fast fashion is another industry which has a horrifyingly negative impact on the environment.

About 2.3 billion tons of food is produced annually in the world. This is almost twice as much food as the world needs. If food distribution was improved, food waste could be decreased. This would result in reduced food production and the energy required to do so.

So what if we return to building smaller (and more efficient) homes? What if we start flying less, drive electric cars and take greener vacations? What if we transition to capsule wardrobes, consume less processed junk food and try to eat a little lower on the food chain?

Generally speaking under the current model, industries are focused on producing more and selling more. So how would that work if everyone started consuming less? Resources are not limitless and so far there is no Earth B.

Maybe freakish heat domes, landslides and hurricanes are telling us the current level of consumption is not sustainable. Perhaps capitalism needs to reinvent itself.

Michelle Matich, Langley Township


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