Letter: Kudos for call to rid Canada of monarchy

Editor: Thanks to M. and K. Bagnall for their call to be rid of the monarchy. I believe that they are speaking for the silent majority. I think we would be shocked to know the true cost of these royal visits.

We also have the PM, his wife, and their entourage come to B.C. to welcome them.

The lieutenant governor and his entourage apparently had to be there to represent the Queen, even though they had just left her.

What is the dollar amount of the pensions for all the past lieutenant governors — I personally don’t know of any book written by anyone in the monarchy, any discoveries in science, medical or any field or military heroism. So I don’t understand why all the fuss over these people.

Our food banks are near empty, there isn’t enough funding for our veterans or for the homeless. The list goes on. I have discussed this with many different people, including folks from England, and they agree — let’s get with the times and move on from the moochers.

Rick Cormier,


Editor: Kudos to M.and K. Bagnall for their letter (the Times, Sept. 28) demanding an end to Canadian ties with the British monarchy.

I agree 100 per cent with them — the referendum is long overdue.

Our prime minister should invite us to vote if we want to keep or cut the ties.The cheapest way to do it is by a free vote in  Parliament by federal Members after consultation with their constituents.

The British prime minister offered his people the opportunity to decide if they want to stay or leave the European Union.

Canada’s prime minister should offer us a similar thing.

If Brits have a right to Brexit,we have the same right to Canexit.

Jerzy Rudowski,


Langley Times

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