LETTER: Is climate action catching on?

From reader Ron Robinson

At the same time as the 75th UN General Assembly, there were about 3,500 climate strikes from locations around the world on Sept. 25. It is interesting to note , as reported in Market Watch Sept. 25, that the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, reaffirmed that the average global temperature increase must be limited to 1.5 degrees C and that carbon neutrality be achieved by 2050. He acknowledged that a carbon tax is essential.

Although China has provided an excuse for some countries to delay action, that country of 1.4 billion indicated they will try to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

From the publication Oil and Gas 360, Sept. 24, it was reported that BP and five other large businesses have formed the Transportation and Climate Initiative to advocate for carbon pricing in order to help reduce emissions in the transportation sector.

In terms of transition to more diversified energy systems, it was interesting to read the BBC, Sept. 24, article where Boris Johnson claimed that the U.K. could be the ‘Saudi Arabia of Wind Power,’ that nuclear would probably be part of the energy mix and that new petrol and diesel cars would be phased out by 2030.

Yes, it seems, climate action is indeed catching on.

Ron Robinson


Nelson Star