Letter: Indoor pool a top priority

Letter: Indoor pool a top priority

Dear Editor,

Aldergrove has asked for an indoor pool many times over.

The community spoke loud and clear through surveys, open Township of Langley (TOL) forums, via delegations and letters into the paper.

The TOL did not listen and we are getting an outdoor pool.

We did not ask for a new arena, that was the TOL idea.

From my understanding the hockey community out here loves the existing rink.

We also did not ask for a lazy river and outdoor spray park etc. But we are getting all of this. We simply asked for a proper sized, functioning indoor pool, something that Aldergrove does not have.

Would all the other “stuff” be nice? Certainly. But not at the price of skimping on the pool.

To appease us we have now been told we may get a “cover” over the pool and perhaps a heated deck. This is the TOL attempt at making us happy, or at least quiet.

I can tell you we will not be happy for the seven months of the year when it is cold and rainy.

This is not supposed to be a resort pool that is used once or twice in the winter as a novelty; this is supposed to be our go-to-year-round fitness facility.

I can promise you people will not be using it in the cold months and this will lead to the TOL closing it to save money and thus making it a seasonal pool from May to September.

The pool needs a proper deep end that will accommodate deck diving as it is a component of swimming lessons, plus other deep water activities.

Our teenagers won’t be interested in the pool without a diving board.

All this is not in the current plans. This outdoor pool is not money well spent.

How about putting the lazy river, spray park, outdoor kiddie pool and all the other “goodies” on hold for the time being, and put the money towards properly fully enclosing this pool with walls and a roof?

Hell, at this point we’ll even take the roll up garage door style walls like Walnut Grove has.

When the TOL presented the final plans at the Kinsmen centre, many people were told by councillors and staff this pool would be fully enclosed in the near future when the funds became available. That appears to have been a lie.

There are three more TOL budgets before this pool is due to be finished, I would say that is more than enough time to allocate the $7 million shortfall to pay for a proper indoor pool.

Begin construction now with the design plans reflecting room for it to be an indoor pool upon completion.

Make room for the necessary electrical and HVAC etc. now.

Please do not waste taxpayers money on this ridiculous outdoor pool. Aldergrove has waited far too long for this pool; now give us what we deserve.

Stephanie Watson, Langley



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