Letter to the editor

LETTER – If an anti-vaxxer gets COVID, they should pay their own hospital costs

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

No one should be forced to be vaccinated against COVID-19 if they choose not to be vaccinated.

We have enough laws now telling people what they can and can’t do. But those who choose to ignore the science and plunge down the conspiracy rabbit holes should accept the consequences of their decisions.

The rational majority should not have to pay for the bad choices of others. If anti-vaxxers subsequently get COVID-19 they should pay for all associated costs such as hospitalization and any other medical costs, as well as be ineligible for unemployment when they get the virus and can’t work.

As for vaccination passports: Great idea! The concept has been around for years. Anybody try to go to Brazil without a yellow fever vaccination certificate?

Many countries will require them and Canada should too. Even though I’ve been vaccinated, its not 100 per cent guaranteed; it’s not a good idea to share an airline seat with an anti-vaxxer.

George Dennis,


Comox Valley Record