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LETTER – Horgan made the wrong choice in calling snap election

Election is unnecessary

Dear editor,

Based on the public reaction to Monday’s election call, it would seem that Mr. Horgan just may have made the wrong choice.

The reasons he gave for a snap election call were stability, an out-of-date agreement, and a need to hear from British Columbians. On that one he may just want to be careful about what he wishes for.

Let’s unpack this a bit…

This minority government has been and continued to be stable – in fact it was held up as an example in Canada. The Confidence and Supply Agreement ( CASA ) assured stability and even as late as last Friday the Greens reiterated their commitment to the agreement. But Mr. Horgan went ahead and broke that agreement. This unilateral move can only be seen as a power grab on the part of the NDP.

Trust is the key to any relationship and Mr. Horgan is breaking any trust British Columbians may have had in his government.

People are rightly confused as to why we are having an election now in a time when COVID numbers are rising and children are returning to school, the opioid crisis is getting worse and the embankments around the Site C dam are moving.

The problem with a majority government is lack of accountability. If there was ever a time for government to be accountable it is now.

Yes, the B.C. Legislative Assembly has performed well to date in these COVID times. But that Assembly is made up of three parties, not one.

And let’s be honest: most of the credit goes to Dr. Bonnie Henry (an independent civil servant). As a friend of my said the other day it’s been Bonnie, not Johnny!

Too bad he didn’t ask for her opinion before calling an unnecessary snap election.

Ron Kelly,


Comox Valley Record