LETTER: Hall St. bulb-outs fail

From reader Josh Wapp.....

LETTER: Hall St. bulb-outs fail

The work on Hall Street (Stores to Shores project) is questionable to me. The most glaring example of its awkwardness is the sidewalk “bulb-outs.”

In the winter, this has meant that piles of snow block wheelchair ramp access. The handicapped are expected to go around the block? Whoops… more bulb-outs there as well.

The MMM Group were paid a princely sum to come up with this, yet they got this basic issue wrong (according to their website, they’re known for projects in areas where the snow is generally light as a feather).

They should never be allowed to work on any projects in our city again. Our council should acknowledge this, move forward in more practical ways, and reject paying for these kinds of sales pitches.

Josh Wapp




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