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LETTER: ‘Grit, perseverance, hope and a few hip replacements’

From readers Judeth Betts and Laura Sacks

Re: LETTER: Nelson’s climate actions are meaningless, March 11

The message of outrage and frustration in Mr. Prior’s letter is familiar to those people who understand the science behind climate change. It is very scary stuff. By continuing to extract and burn fossil fuels we are undeniably changing the Earth’s atmosphere, and threaten the livability of our planet. Mr. Prior’s point regarding logging “old growth and not so old forests” is well taken. Our beautiful forests are no longer carbon sinks, but due to our logging practices, are net emitters of CO2.

This same outrage and frustration motivates volunteers to band together under the Citizens’ Climate Lobby banner. We volunteers work to build the political will to make the changes essential to the health of our planet, and here is the most important part: we do this not for us, but our children’s children.

CCL does not get money from Columbia Basin Trust. In fact, we run on grit, perseverance, hope and a few hip replacements. We keep trying to make our voices louder than the fossil fuel industry. It is hard to remain positive sometimes, so it helps to reflect on the good news climate stories we have had, to give us momentum to look forward.

Judeth Betts, Laura Sacks

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

West Kootenay

Nelson Star