Letter: Green space makes Willoughby fabulous

Letter: Green space makes Willoughby fabulous

Dear Editor,

In the interest of clarity… the Williams residential area is very small (approximately 145 acres) compared to very large areas like Yorkson which have developed many green amenities and have five schools now.

There are two more slated for the Smith area. There is also a school and park site designated for the Williams area.

It is important to note on the OCP of Willoughby there is a major park slated for 76th Avenue and 212th Street which can provide east Yorkson and Williams with a large treed park.

This park is designated to encourage sustainable living in the community.

People need to start speaking up about this designated park and get it moving forward.

There is also a developing multi-purpose park behind Yorkson Creek Middle School… a huge park, playing fields, water park, and venues at the Langley Events Centre. There are now more parks and multi-use outdoor facilities than there have ever been in the history of Willoughby.

Thank you to development, for the walkways, parks, schools, playing fields, Willoughby Town Centre, and Langley Events Centre, that have come to Willoughby and made this a fabulous place to live and raise a family.

Gerry Lambert,

Willoughby resident



Langley Advance