Letter: Going ahead with Canada Day right thing to do

As a nation we are more than just one aspect of our history

Going ahead with Canada Day right thing to do

On June 11 Premier John Horgan made an official announcement advising people against cancelling Canada Day. This was good advice and a commendable move. While I do not agree with many of the premier’s policies I recognize that, in this case, he did the right thing. When a public figure makes the right call, we should acknowledge it.

Since the tragic discovery at the former Kamloops residential school Canadians have done some deep soul searching and taken a closer look at their nation’s history. This is as it should be. We must review our past, examine the present and try to make the right decisions for our future.

But cancelling Canada Day will not help us. As a nation we are more than just one aspect of our history. No nation is perfect, but on balance, Canada is a great country and will likely continue to be. We are far from being reprehensible. To say so is a distortion of our identity and the historical record. Anyone who does so is not taking the full picture of Canada’s history into account. On July 1, Canada’s birthday, we should take the time to celebrate our country and acknowledge how lucky we are to be Canadians.

No, we should not ignore the deficiencies and crimes of the past, but we should also be careful not to distort the image of who we are. Canada Day is there for us to remember the great things about our nation, a place several world authorities have ranked as the best country in the world. On Canada Day I will be flying our flag and celebrating the good things about Canada. Sadly, the same cannot be said of some Canadian municipalities. Let us hope that changes next year. There is nothing sadder than a country that cannot acknowledge or recognize its own greatness.

Perry Foster


Cowichan Valley Citizen