LETTER: Get everyone on same page

All council politicians need to work towards reasonable objectives

We must not lose sight of the fact we are dealing with careers of dedicated people and the effectiveness of running a progressive and cost-effective municipality within the taxpayers’ ability to pay.

Thus, reasonable objectives and performance standards to achieve goals are welcome.

However, at the District of Mission, plans and their execution have gone off the rails by a seemingly dysfunctional council. Thus, the first crucial steps are to get all on the same page.

Coun. Dave Hensman ought to prove his statements about inaccuracy of quoted figures, as they are available and to simply imply being a weird fantasy is unacceptable.

We must heed The Record editorial wherein a call to investigate district staffing issues is made, as it exudes at least a degree of saneness in this debacle.

Much of the dialogue is perceived as political rhetoric and unenlightened self-interest skirting around the issues. Coun. Nelson Tilbury is correct though – worrying “staffing exits affect business” and alludes to some real concerns about productivity and knowledge being lost.

Leadership is sadly wanting. This sometimes leads to micromanaging to desperately seek to grasp and stem the growing discontent, which typically has, the opposite results.

But the municipality has a further complication, notably a mayor who by nearly every action seeks unwittingly to exacerbate the dilemma he has created at lacking sensitivity and management – simply to make outlandish statements like, “if people have a resistance to change, it’s better for the organization that they leave.”

The optimistic aspect is that it’s only seven months to an election.

We enjoyed two years of no tax increase, and several other improvements but sadly, desperately lacking leadership and conviction to work together caused an implosion of CRMG, but out of the ashes a new opportunity emerges for the four remaining councillors and some new blood.

George F. Evens


Mission City Record

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