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LETTER: Financial impacts of Summerland solar project not fully presented to council

Costs of project will outweigh benefits

Dear Editor:

I concur with Coun. Richard Barkwill about questioning why the financial analysis of the solar project was not fully presented to council.

Applying a ‘cost-benefit analysis’ to the solar project, costs would be $3,155,000 and benefits would be $1,523,586 of electricity. I am in total agreement. There is more.

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Prior to the council meeting, I had asked municipal staff to present a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed property. Staff told council that the value of the municipal property was $2 million. That is not a cost-benefit analysis.

Once the property is sold, the developed property would produce new tax revenues, new sewer revenues and access and sale to additional municipally owned properties. Millions of dollars and for whatever reason, not given to council.

David E. Gregory


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