LETTER: Factory farms created to get every cent out of animals

Consumers can help by boycotting farms that permit cruelty

The recent commentary about horrific acts of cruelty at Chilliwack Dairy Farm compels me, as an animal advocate to add my voice of growing concern to an ongoing existing perception about factory farming and in turn, local media’s lack of attention afforded to less than great animal husbandry methods.

The factory farm, including the dairy industry, but similarly beef cattle, pigs, chicken, turkeys, foie gras (ducks) and on and on, all justified as a common industry practice when challenged.

The fact remains that factory farms were created to milk every cent out of every animal, all the time and to do so has spawned some of the most horrific and cruel practices all under acceptable industry practice and yes, local media has turned a blind eye to most all. Occasionally, exceptional incidents of extreme cruel methods surface and local medias may do little, if anything, to express true public disgust. Rather they often suggest and try to spin in favour of industry. It is always alluding to the immense sums of money generated for the local community, such as unjustified existence of propane cannon berry farms.

When chickens poop, industry see money to be made out of protein poop and establish pellet foods to feed some livestock. In the areas of antibiotics, industry claim no harm to humans but lo and behold, the advent of superbugs and a cause anti-biotic resistance strains, in part, caused by over-consumption of antibiotic fed livestock.

It is sad and often mean-spirited husbandry practice that only seeks to maximize profit, but to add insult to injury, some factory farm employees treat animals with no dignity and allegedly cruel inhumane treatment.

It may start with farmers who fail to establish a respect for animals, train employees and demand care of animals, but whenever cruel practices are uncovered, it is always the same spin; how farmers care for animals and would not tolerate such practice.

Thank you to Mercy Canada who is doing an admirable job of exposing the cruelty that goes on daily and their undercover videos are spawning a new and undeniable fact that cruelty exists in all animal food industries.

The consumer can play an informed and major role by boycotting farmers who permit cruelty on their farms, regardless of alleged acceptable industry practices, as growing numbers of consumers will not continue buying excuses and certainly not products, from such vile farms.

George F. Evens


Abbotsford News

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