Letter: Evolve democratically

Extracting Canada’s fossil-fuels for global-markets is good Canadian investment.


Extracting Canada’s fossil-fuels for global-markets is good Canadian investment.  If global-markets are willing to pay Canada for Canada’s fossil-fuels, why not expand the tar-sands, pipelines, LFG(liquified fracked gas), coal.  We will protect the environment and the biosphere.

This is power-elite manufactured illusion — manufactured nonsense, manufactured ignorance. The power-elite holds a fearsome belief that everyone is out for their own interests. No one cares about the common good.

The elite thrives on improper regard for past, present and future generations. Myths of the elite will not correct our common problems.  Free markets don’t end global poverty; Canada’s or B.C.’s.

The marketplace “Invisible Hand” protecting the common good(Adam Smith) is another manufactured fairy tale.

Unjustly, billions of people throughout the world live in unstable economic slavery exacerbated by climate change.  Waking hours are consumed on extracting a living appropriate for slaves.  Slaves obey slave-holders.

Unjustly, we do not nurture, with common decency, seven billion human beings.

Can we care for nine billion in 2050 or eleven billion in 2100?  We commit mass unconscionable species slaughter.  We cannot exceed Nature’s limited biosphere safely.

Shopping, “growing” global consumers, “growing” population, “growing” global markets, “growing” GDPs will not protect the environment, nature’s biosphere.  Human habitat has gross limits.

Get real. Canada grows global GHGs. Canadians “have” to extract Canada’s fossil-fuel resources to grow GDP is manufactured myth that destroys human habitat.

Care about our common good. Slow global-warming and terrifying catastrophic climate-change.  The planet needed to peak in global GHGs by 2020.

By 2030, Canadians can achieve a 100 per cent renewable energy economy raising real employment. Decrease global GHGs.  Shut down Canada’s tar-sands, LFG, and coal.

Free ourselves from slave mentality. Evolve democratically for the common good “… with liberty and justice for all.” Care and protect.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune