Letter: Ellen Hall backs Nathan Pachal for late husband’s council seat

Editor: I have been a Langley City resident for over 35 years and my husband, Dave Hall, was a three-term City Councillor until his recent passing.

Nathan Pachal is the best candidate to fulfill the vacant council role my husband left.

As a resident, I appreciate that Mr. Pachal is also a resident, and since 2007 has served on various Langley City committees.

His contributions to the City’s land use and transportation issues show his ability to research and attack problems from multiple angles.

His blog demonstrates his voice is independent, progressive and community-driven.

Unlike other candidates, Pachal is a multiple issue candidate. His plans relating to safety, health and the downtown core display his work rate and ingenuity.

On Feb. 27, I will be voting for Nathan Pachal and I ask that your readers vote Pachal, too.

Ellen Hall,

Langley City

Langley Times