Letter: Election wasn’t necessary

You get $17.06 for every person

Election wasn’t necessary

A fitting cartoon in your Sept. 23 Citizen. Six hundred million dollars down the drain, eh, toilet.

When one sees the figure it really does not sink in on a personal level. “Oh, the government again,” is all you say. But, if you analyze it, we are 35,151,728 according to the latest census, divide the $600 million by that you get $17.06 for every person. A couple with two kids paid 68.27 just for a vote, nothing else, no bread, no butter. Was it worth it? We are fortunate to be able to vote for our leaders, unlike in some countries, but was the timing right with this COVID going on? It certainly was not necessary, or required. Remember the $17.06 you paid.

Wolfgang Lehwald

Mill Bay

Cowichan Valley Citizen